FAQ BPM LabsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I buy BPM Labs merchandise e.g. T-shirts?

  • We have just received our brand new shakers so and are putting them to our eStore for sale soon. We have shirts as well, but so far we have only distributed those to our athletes and ambassadors. We will keep you posted if there is going to be a change of policy.

Can I get samples sent to me?

  • This is a question all supplement companies receive daily. Our current staffing resources would be extended to the limit if we sent those to everyone who asks, so we have decided to allocate that time and effort to processing and delivering your orders. Having said that, our reps in states around Australia go around in shops such as Nutrition Warehouses to organize tastings and hand out samples. To get information when and where these happen, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

What is the policy on refunds and returns?

  • Please contact the store where the purchase happened or directly the retailer. If they are unable to help please contact our support team at info@bpm-labs.com.

Where is your warehouse based? Where does the shipping happen?

  • All the products ordered online are delivered from our main warehouse located in Queensland, Australia.