Guy Rowland

Guy Rowland started training when he was 16 and first competed at the age of 20 at the men’s juniors where he finished third. Since then Guy has constantly worked on his fitness and placed in the top three in multiple IFBB and NABBA competitions.

2003 INBA 3rd Junior Men's
2005 INBA 2rd Men's Division
2008 NABBA 3rd place
2010 NABBA 3rd place
2012 NABBA 2rd place
2012 NABBA Australian Nationals 3rd place
2014 IFBB 2nd place over 90kg
2016 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB 1st place under 100kg
2017 IFBB Australian Nationals 3rd place


Having recently had a baby, Guy has taken the year off from competing to spend time with his family and continue working on his fitness.
Next year he plans to compete in the national’s and Queensland’s competitions followed by the Arnolds the year after.

Favourite Product: Annihilate